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Our remote assistance PC Help Desk support tool

If you wish to use our remote assistance PC Help Desk support tool CTSupport, click here to obtain a copy of the setup program. You may select open/run the CTSupport setup program from its present location or download it to your local system and install it from the saved location. Once CTSupport is installed on your work station, you may request assistance at any time by launching it and clicking on the "Request Assistance" button.

What is CTSupport

 CTSupport is a software program that we have developed to help you, our client, to receive technical support over the Internet without one of our consultants having to visit your site in person. It is intended solely for the use of clients and customers of Clark-Tech Inc. CTSupport operates similar to remote control programs like pcAnywhere or LogMeIn, however it does not require you to install and run server/host applications or have open ports in your firewall nor does it require you to know your IP address. It can work behind most company firewalls and will establish connection only when you initiate it. CTSupport can not grant access to your station unless you explicitly request it. You run CTSupport only when you need the assistance of the Clark-Tech Help Desk without compromising the security of your work station. CTSupport doesn't wait for, nor accept an incoming connection, on your station, so it doesn't require a specific IP address or a port to be left open and exposed in your security firewalls. CTSupport can be installed on any or all of the stations on your network or you may install and run it from a shared folder on a network drive.



  • Secure Connection that You Initiate Only When You Need Assistance

  •  Real-Time Written "Chat" between You and the Help Desk Operator

  •  Remote Access to Your Desktop, Programs and Files

  •  File and Clipboard Transfers

  •  Works with Windows XP and above

  • Works Behind Company and Work Station Firewalls



CTSupport uses TCP/IP protocols, so you must have an Internet connection in order to use the support tool.


How to Install the Program

To install the CTSupport package, perform the steps in sequence below.  Generally you will click "Proceed" to continue with each installation step or "Abort" to exit the setup. You may also click Back to revert to the previous step in the installation process. The installation process will create an uninstall icon in the program folder so that the package may easily be removed. The installation does not make any changes to the system registry other than a links in the Start Menu, a shortcut on the Desktop and should not affect any other installed program or system file.


  • Obtain a copy of the application from here.

  • Open/run the file - CTSupportSetup.exe by clicking on the downloaded installation file.

  • The software installation wizard will launch. In the Welcome page, click the No-Questions-Asked Installation button  which will install the application using the typical options including leaving a shortcut icon on your Desktop.  If you wish to have full control over the installation click on the Advanced Options Installation button where you have complete control over the installation options.

  • If you selected the No-Questions-Asked Installation button, CTSupport should be properly installed on your station and ready to launch using the icon on your Desktop.

  • If you selected the Advanced Options Installation button and selected valid options, then the program should also be ready to launch subject to the options you selected during the installation process.

  • Note that CTSupport can be un-installed at any time and re-installed whenever you require.


How to Use CTSupport

  • Connection to Clark-Tech Help Desk - once you have launched CTSupport, you will be asked to enter your name and/or that of your company before clicking on the "Request Assistance" button. This is so the Help Desk operator can properly identify the person requesting assistance.  The program then attempts to connect to Clark-Tech Inc.'s Help Desk. If the Help Desk staff are available and they can accept your request, CTSupport will then establish a "Remote Assistance Session" and the program is then "Connected" to the Help Desk. Once an active session has been established, the CTSupport program will minimize and appear as an icon in the Windows TaskBar. At this point, you can "chat" (see below) with the Help Desk operators and explain your problem and request help.  Often it is easier to speak directly with the support technician on the telephone while the session is underway to clarify the issue that required assistance.

  • Real-Time Chat Communication - once you have an active session, you can initiate a written "Chat" session with the operator by right-clicking on the CTSupport icon that appears on the Windows Taskbar and selecting "Chat" from the menu. If the Help Desk operator initiates the Chat session, the Chat window will appear on your desktop. In order for the communication to be more personal, you should supply your Name in the top edit box of the Chat window. To use the Chat function, just type what you want in the space at the bottom of the Chat window and press the Enter/Return key. The information that you have typed, is then sent to the Help Desk operator and also appears in the upper panel of the Chat window. In this manner, you have a history of your Chat session that you can refer to for clarification on the conversation.

  • Remote View/Control of Desktop - Once you have an active session, the Help Desk operator will be able to view and/or control your station. In this manner, the operator can see exactly what appears on your screen and can use your keyboard and mouse just as if he were sitting at your station.  The Help Desk operator may ask you use your keyboard and mouse during the remote assistance session.

  • File and Clipboard Transfers - If required, the Help Desk operator can transfer files and clipboard contents to and from your machine in order to resolve your request for assistance.

  • End Session - Either you or the Help Desk operator can terminate the active session. When an active session is closed, the Help Desk operator no longer has access to your desktop and can not initiate a session to regain control of your station. Only YOU can initiate a session to the Clark-Tech Help Desk and no one can connect to your station through CTSupport until you connect to the Help Desk.


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