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Clark-Tech Inc. has an office in Calgary, Alberta and provides technology solutions and support services especially oriented to Small/Medium-sized businesses  and offers:

Computer Network Design, Installation & Maintenance

Most of our clients' businesses depend on a dependable computer networks.  We can provide the following services in support of networks:

  Site Surveys - including a written report on our findings as well as recommendations to improve network performance or security.  We are prepared to implement all of our recommendations.
  Security Reviews - identify potential viruses, phishing, pharming, spam and spyware risks and infections.  Where infestations occur, we can remove the damage and make improvements in Firewalls, Anti-virus, Anti-spam and Anti-spyware programs.
  Network Design & Installations - including server and network hardware, cabling or wireless access points as wells as the network software and security regime.
  Network Work Stations - including hardware, network components and application software that is used in your business.  We can deliver, install and configure a new work station into your network to either replace existing equipment or to accommodate growth in your business.
  Backup & Disaster Recovery Programs - including the review and testing of your existing program and/or the design and implantation of a new program.
  On-going Maintenance & Upgrades - to keep your servers and work stations performing to their maximum potential, maintenance services can be provided on a as-required bases or under a site maintenance contract.

Custom Application Software Development

For those customers who demand a custom software solution to meet a particular business requirement, our developers will work with you to develop that unique application that works just the way you want.

Our developers have decades of proven experience in the development and support of application software designed for business operations. Our developers have broad business experience in a wide variety of industries combined with an information technology background and a focus on database and financial applications. We use the latest development languages and some of our custom applications are available commercially and marketed in North America.

Key to our approach of developing applications is that the programs should work the way you do. Much of our focus has been developing applications that work with existing accounting and management systems so we are very experienced in integrating information. We consider this "building on" - enhancing a system that meets the principal needs of a company's business but will benefit from the added functionality that our custom software can provide.

 Custom designed applications can be designed and written to be applicable to a larger group of users that was originally envisioned. In such cases, it is possible for the client to participate in the proceeds of subsequent sales of the software to other parties thus offsetting the costs of developing the original custom program.

 Custom software application often becomes critical to the business success of a particular client. To provide those clients with a measure of security, Clark-Tech has put in place Software Escrow arrangements that can provide the client with assured access to the source code of his critical custom programs irrespective of what events should befall the developers.

Accounting & Management Systems

No matter what size, small, medium or large, all sized business require effective financial management and accounting systems to meet regulatory requirements and especially to succeed in today's competitive business environment.

 In most cases, these systems must deliver the ability to automate key business processes such as receivables, payables inventory, payroll, job costing and point-of-sale. Key to your business success is to put in place a system that properly measures and provides operational and financial information that guides managerial action, motivates behavior, and supports and creates the cultural values necessary to achieve your business' strategic objectives.

We have consultants with decades of experience in the review, selection and implementation of accounting and management systems. We have first hand knowledge of the issues facing an organization considering a change in its accounting software.

We've "been there - done that" numerous times and you will benefit from our experience. Key to our services is our ability to assist you in retrieving the investment you have already made in an existing accounting system by extracting valuable data that can be subsequently imported into a new system.

Our familiarity with a large number of accounting systems and the database structures they employ can often save you weeks of manual effort in setting up a new system. Our knowledge might materially improve the ROI of your decision to change to a new system that better meets your business needs. We are confident that our broad business experience in a wide variety of industries combined with an information technology background and financial training provide us with the unique ability to integrate these two disciplines.

We understand the critical success factors in the selection and implementation of a new accounting/management system. We understand and speak the language of best business practices and can interpret your needs.

We can assist you in prioritizing the key requirements, reviewing and assessing the alternatives, and recommend a plan of action. When you have made your decision, we will be there to make the plan a reality.

Management Consulting

 Clark-Tech Inc. offers you experienced, innovative consultants with a passion for developing and growing businesses.

We offer you expertise in the form of knowledge, experience, special skills and creativity. You can utilize our management consulting services when you can not spare the time or personnel.

We can advise on almost every aspect of small business operations including marketing, finance, strategy and organization, manufacturing processes, information systems and electronic commerce.

We have particular expertise in the application of technology to improve the effectiveness of business processes. Where your consulting needs are beyond the expertise of our company's professionals, we will refer you to other consulting firms whose specialty services are more appropriate to meet your requirements..