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Support is Our Business!


A key component of our services is offering support when and where our clients request it.

To request assistance from Clark-Tech Inc. do not hesitate to call our support line at 403-297-9797 during normal business hours. If none of our support technicians are in the office to take your call, please leave a detailed message with our dispatch system and we will return your call as soon as possible.

There are situations where our services can only be provided on-site at the client location, but there are many instances where our consultants can resolve issues by using software to take control over a client's workstation or server and addressing the problem immediately.   To that end, we have developed a remote assistance PC Help Desk support tool - CTSupport. Click here to obtain a copy of the setup program. For a full explanation of what the CTSupport tool is and how to install and use it,  please click here.

You may select open/run the CTSupport setup program from its present location or download it to your local system and install it from the saved location. Once CTSupport is installed on your work station, you may request assistance at any time by clicking on the "Request Assistance" button. Although the CTSupport application supports a chat dialog, you may find it easier to call our support line and speak with a support professional as they uses the support tool to access your system. If no CTSupport sessions can be established with our PC Help Desk, that might mean that no support technicians are available to take your on-support request. In that case, please call our support line and leave a message. A technician will return your call as soon as possible and then you can establish a CTSupport session if required.


Telephone: 403-297-9797